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Install and configure your wlog server

Instal wlog is very simple, just follow instructions below:

Create a new database:

there isn't any tecnhology limitation; use te RDMBS you like. We are db independent thanks to Nhibernate abstractions, so we can handle all nhibermate can. With non MS-SQL db you could need to include manually connection provider to bin folder.

Create the web site under iis

If you are practice to web site installation under iis all you need to know is that you jus need to unzip release on server and map it on a web application (or under an existent one).

If you have any doubt about you can follow theese steps, assuming we would use as host name:
  1. Create a new physical directory in the C:\Inetpub\Wwwroot directory called wlog, so that you'll have a folder called C:\Inetpub\Wwwroot\
  2. open iis manager
  3. On "Web site" node on the left, click with right click and choose "add new web site"
  4. Choose your binding and map it to folder C:\Inetpub\Wwwroot\ as shown in picture below
create new site.png

Extract zip file

Extract zip content of release file into choosen folder and open web.config. Afert that you have to set permission to files.

Required permission are:
permission_on site.png

but for log folder we also need write permission:

Settings in pictures assume that you are running web site with default application pool identity. Keep in mind this can affect database settings if you are planning to connect with SQL SERVER in integrated mode, because in this case application pool user must have permission also in db.

Change configuration settings

Database Settings
Edit "hibernate-configuration" section accordling to this document this document.
At least you have to change connection string using you database connection strings syntax and choose right driver \ dialect.

Log Path
Check for NLog section in web.config. You can change log settings accordling to NLog documentation you can find here.

Application tuning
there aren't configuration section to tune \customiza application, for any question or request contact us

Start application

Installation is performed at firt access so you just need to browse it. Default user credentials are:


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