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Integrate wlog in your application with custom access

In practices any client application can integrate with wlog whit easy, just calling REST apis.

At that moment we implemented only one simple api that record an event (in future implementation we also support bulk insert).

To add a log entry just call http:/your-wlog-url/api/log posting:

  "SourceDate": "2015-12-20T11:17:38.8150506+01:00",
  "Message": "sample string 2",
  "Level": "<one of ERROR,INFO,DEBUG,WARNING>",
  "ApplicationKey": "<place here you app Public Key>"


<LogMessage xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <ApplicationKey><<place here you app Public Key>></ApplicationKey>
  <Level><<one of ERROR,INFO,DEBUG,WARNING>></Level>
  <Message>sample string 2</Message>

See http:/your-wlog-url/help/ to get a full description of available services.

Suggestiona about client implementation

To call a remote url, even nowadays it is usually faster tha in past, it's a cost. We have to reduse as much we can this overhead, using if it's possible:
  • Async calls
  • Buffering calls and make it in background
  • send to remote log only useful data, using right levels

We need contributors to extend our client support

Please suggest any other missing log library implementation or, if you already done it, send us your implementation. We'd like to extend our client library support.

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